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Fees & Insurance

Insurances We Accept:

• Blue Cross Blue Shield

• Aetna

​• Tricare

• Banner Health

• Cigna

• Optum

• Oxford

Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation with our provider is typically the longest and most thorough visit as we dive deep into medical history, medication history, and social history that is pertinent to your mental health journey, and review of records from your previous provider, if applicable. You will be able to discuss your concerns and the symptoms that you are experiencing that encouraged you to seek the help of our office. $250 (60 to 90 minute visit)


  • The purpose of athis visit is not to establish regular care with us, but to provide you with a 'second opinion' that can be sent to another practitioner with whom you are working. This consultation is similar to an Initial Consultation in content and process. $250 (60 to 90 minute visit)

Medication Management

  • Typically lasts 30 minutes. If you are in need of a refill, but have been feeling stable for a long time, then perhaps a brief “check in” is all you need. Other patients who are new to treatment or in the middle of changing their medication regimen might need more time. All treatment recommendations are evidence based and side effects are reviewed and discussed. Ultimately, the decision to take any recommended medication is the client’s. $175


  • Typically lasts 50 minutes, and is often, but not necessarily, combined with a medication management appointment. Different approaches are utilized, depending on your needs (cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, supportive). Our approach is collaborative. General goals may include improved functioning in the world, with others, and within oneself. $175

Lab Work / Genetic Testing

  • Depending on your psychiatric history and current medication regimen, you may need one time / pre screening or more regular lab work.

Referrals / Collaboration 

  • It is extremely important to us that you get the level of care that you need. If we are unable to provide that level of care in this setting, we will help facilitate the transfer of your care to a more suitable program.


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